We have become an obese society – Yeni Akit

According to the WHO report, we are second in the world and first in Europe.

Then there is an explosion of blood pressure disease. With the domino effect, everyone will affect each other.

This situation will be revealed in a few years, when young people come into conflict with their families, the divorce of married families and the reflection of the crisis of the economy in social psychology. Look, we’ll see Alzheimer’s first, more serious tables.

An increase in the number of daughters is expected. Infertility and miscarriage will increase. The paralyzed birth will explode. Many of the negativities will be revealed over time.

These are not prophecies. Someone did this on purpose. All this because it serves its satanic purpose. This obesity problem is the simplest of all. Cancer will also explode, and we will encounter many diseases that we do not know. Because this dangerous and meaningless process continues at full speed. Organizations such as the WHO and the FDA continue to “dissolve” their “corrective” masks. We, on the other hand, continue to sharpen the knives of our executioners.

Look, one in ten of your children is obese. More than 65% of men and women are obese.

Liver disease will increase. At the beginning of these, cirrhosis, diabetes, blood pressure, heart patients will explode.

You will eat less and of good quality, and you will move more. I’m not talking about sports, exercise. The difference is: Sports often require high performance. Don’t run, walk hard.

The truth is: Move all your joints and muscles. Your blood circulation will be regular and you will consume more water. Your urine will have no odor or color. We need to drink more water, but running or bottled tap water is not healthy water.

Our water resources are also at serious risk. You need more oxygen. But we are installing 5G stations everywhere. Starlinks above us. These change the frequency of the oxygen atom. All living things are affected.

Meanwhile, the cultivation of hemp, which is one of the plants that produces the most oxygen, is still very limited, which implies prevention. Respiratory health is important, the digestive system is important.

The main reason for your obesity is related to air, water, soil, what you eat and drink, your lifestyle, your cosmetics, chemicals …

You will eat 2 meals, not 3 meals. If you are a good Muslim, you will have lunch one day and eat the next. If you are fasting, you will eat and drink at sunrise and sunset, and at other times after sunrise and before sunset. You will eat dessert and fruit before eating. You will perform your daily devotions exactly according to the ritual. Although there is no strict rule, do not eat two foods of animal origin at the same meal if possible. Forget the eggs with sausage, the eggs with butter, the mutton kebab, the cow’s milk, the yogurt sauce with butter in the donor kebab. Of course, what you eat and drink first will not be haram.

Do not store salt-sugar and refined oil on your table. Especially not margarine type oils. As for butter, meat and milk, did they vaccinate the animal or did they use antibiotics? Have they played with Genius? Does the food you eat contain hormones? Now there is synthetic meat, there is also Chimera. Even if there are no pigs, you need to pay attention to the pigs. The same goes for meat and milk.

Stay away from packaging, altered genes, preservatives, risk additives and dyes. Almost all of these fast foods are in this group. Avoid soft drinks and energy drinks. Forget about sugar. It is a white poison called sugar. It is more harmful than cigarettes. If you want to eat something sweet, molasses, honey, of course food. Market wheat is no longer wheat, corn is no longer corn, potato is not potato, soy is not soy, tomato is not tomato. The seeds of almost all industrial-type products have been handled. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers poison both the soil and the plant. Most of the fats we consume are unhealthy. Food packaging is also risky. Substances such as aluminum and plastic are not healthy. In addition, preservative chemicals are used to extend the shelf life of food. Stay away from them. Even those white drinks you drink like ayran are now risky. Don’t trust all brands in this regard. Pay attention to your sleep pattern.

Look, we’re talking about obesity on the one hand and zero body disease on the other. They will be “fit.” They will be like model girls.

Most of them are unaware of how these tight stretches affect the blood circulation in their body, the yarn, the dye, the textile chemicals and even the detergent of these textiles is a separate issue. Everything that touches the skin penetrates the body. If you leave a mark on everything you touch, then everything will leave a mark on you. Even the polyamides on the labels of these clothes can cause allergies. All kinds of cosmetics can also pose a risk to your health. So are these piercings and tattoos, these touches on your nerve endings and acupuncture points can alter your health and even your psychological balance.

The money they spend on excessive and unhealthy consumption, which makes obese people obese, is enough to feed everyone who is hungry in the world. In addition, the money invested in getting rid of obesity is the same. Therefore, obesity alone is a drain large enough to feed twice all the world’s hungry people.

Change your “lifestyle”. Eat one type, eat less, drink more water, avoid all kinds of alcohol, all kinds of tobacco, anything that puts the mind to sleep. Not only will you eat healthier, but you will also avoid using so many genetically modified foods, so many hormones, so many pesticides to produce goods for the market and to compete. That is, the quality of the product increases by at least 30%, and the prices decrease so much. Your well-being, happiness and health will multiply to the same extent.

Don’t waste it. Pay attention to the food interaction, the food-drug interaction and the environment, find out, what are your weaknesses, what allergies do you have, what is too much in your body, what is too little? Get to know yourself and get the support of family members to control your weaknesses. Don’t be left alone.

Now, I will say biorhythm, bio resonance, hormones, mineral balance, vitamins, animal feed, pesticides, detergents, natural fertilizers, radiation, 5G, Starlink, RF, smart homes, cars, computer, air circulation and GSM blood, exercise, This post will not end.

Last word: Control your ego. Life is not a game and fun, you know how to curb your whims and whims. Don’t ask for anything with passion. Stay away from angry and aggressive people, this state is contagious. Compassionate, we learn to smile. Let’s move away from situations like jealousy, gossip, gossip, which are a sign of moral weakness. We are moving towards a quiet life.

Let us be compassionate, compassionate, patient and stay away from love and anger. Both are diseases fed by the same vein. Both are amazing. Anything that destroys the mind is dangerous. A person is not self-sufficient, we think, we do not leave the consultation and advice. For man, his ships, whims and whims are enough as enemies. May Allah never leave anyone alone with their naves, whims and whims. At the end of material sickness, spiritual sickness occurs, and at the end of spiritual sickness, material sickness appears.

I wish all my brothers and sisters a healthy, honorable and good life and a good death. A life as revealed by the creator to the created, and a life in which the characters of “veresetül anbiya” are our exemplary personalities. With greetings and prayers.

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