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Ahmet Buyuksoy

Home loans can be acquired by getting loans from banks at 0.99. No more, houses bought and sold between 350 and 500 thousand 8 months ago are looking for buyers between 1,250 and 1,500. At the same time, car prices doubled 3 times. As new car sales stagnated, used cars became more popular.

As a person in the construction industry, I don’t know if high-priced real estate is bought and sold in a very short time.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, in his statement the other day, said that real estate can be bought at 0.99 and 10 years of home loan price.

For first-time homeowners, a home loan with a maturity of up to 10 years and a monthly interest rate of 0.99 percent is offered for first-hand purchases of up to at 2 million lire.

As an example, the worker and the civil servant who want to buy a house with 1.5 million credits will pay 30 million every month, and the total amount will be 3 million 600 lire.

Otherwise, the person who uses a loan of 750 thousand lire will pay 16,700 lire every month for ten years, and a total of 2 million lire.

Doesn’t that mean that citizens ’dreams, which are called the middle ground, of buying a home fell into the water? Woe to us!

The man who could not afford to pay 30 lire for his house and buy a kilo of tomatoes would buy a house paying 30 million a month. It seems that buying a home in these conditions cannot go beyond a dream.

We set aside the purchase of a house, even rent the houses. In medium-sized cities like Yozgat, rents start at 1,500 and go up to 3,500.

If this continues, everyone will be looking for a roommate. What should you do when you are thinking about how to buy a home with a minimum wage in the face of successive increases in electricity, water, natural gas and rents in recent months?

Let’s put aside the purchase of a home, this time the demand for rent is increasing, from now on, a single citizen who makes a single living seems to get together with a few people and share the same house instead to rent a house alone.

The beautiful people of our beautiful country, our beautiful state administrators, you have more work to do than yesterday. Not to mention the rising and falling interest rates, they facilitate the purchasing power of the nation. Encourage production, increase employment, prevent waste. End the reign of accommodation in the bureaucracy. Instead of buying new Mercedes cars, settle for existing ones. From here we see that the car under a normal bureaucrat burns 2 thousand TL of fuel between Yozgat and Ankara.

Akçe is for the black day, we are in a country where a ring of fire is due. Citizens should tighten austerity, I say you should make some of the sacrifices you will make in the citizen’s throat by tightening your belt.

my boat.

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